Base Price

PKR 40,000
/ sqft (Base Price)
  • Upto 3rd floor apartments will be charged at Base Price
  • 6th, 7th and 8th Floor Apartments will be charged PKR 42,000/=


PKR 500,000
  • 30% Down Payment payable within 5 Days of Booking

Instalment Plan

Months only
  • Possession in 36 months, Insha'Allah
  • Detailed Instalment Plan will be shared at the time of Booking

Our Unique Serviced Apartment Model
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1. DM Consortium will operate and manage the building as a hotel apartment building.


2. No monthly or annual fixed maintenance charges for hotel apartment owners.


3. The management shall provide to the hotel apartment owner yearly vouchers for stay at Serene Heights Nathia Gali (SHNG), for a total period of four weeks (28 days) per year divided into four (4) quarters, i.e., one week in every quarter of the year, whereby the apartment owner shall not be required to pay per night room charges, provided that any charges in respect of food, beverages, and other services and facilities of SHNG shall be payable by the apartment owner during the stay. The apartment owner will have to inform at least seven (7) days in advance to book their apartment for the free nights subject to availability.


4. All utility bills, common area & facilities maintenance expense, building up keep expenses and housekeeping expenses and all other relevant expenses involved in the successful operation of the hotel shall be made part of the operational cost of running and managing the hotel apartment building.


5. If the hotel apartment owners or their immediate family members wish to stay in his/her apartment for more than 28 nights in one calendar year they would be given a discount of 30% of the prevalent rack rate.


6. The hotel apartment owners shall have a share in the profits of all revenue generating activities of the hotel and their income shall not be restricted specifically to their rental income earned from their apartment.


7. On an annual basis, the hotel management shall calculate total profits from the comprehensive Hotel Operations, of which 60% shall be the share of the hotel apartment owners according to the size of their respective apartments. Profit Distribution to apartment owners shall be done on a quarterly basis.

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