All In Holdings

All In Holdings embodies a diverse portfolio of businesses, strategically investing across multiple sectors including textiles, travel, and real estate. Our unwavering commitment to excellence drives our pursuit of success in each venture we undertake.

DM Consortium part of All in Holdings is a real estate company with its flagship project by the name of Serene Heights Hotel & Resorts.
Prior to commencing vertical construction, DM Consortium achieved remarkable success with the completion of a Horizontal Development Project named Serene Farms, situated on Barki Road in Lahore.

DM Consortium is currently dedicated to crafting premium resorts in the Northern Areas of Pakistan. Our primary objective is to introduce an all-encompassing vacation experience unparalleled in the nation’s history. Through our initiatives, we aspire to redefine the holiday landscape throughout Pakistan, showcasing contemporary architectural marvels meticulously designed to epitomize comfort and opulence. Furthermore, our projects present a unique opportunity to invest in mountain real estate, promising significant capital appreciation and recurring monthly dividends.

We aim to nurture and spoil you by bringing you closer to nature and purity with zero compromise in comfort and quality of life.

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